British Association of Head & Neck Oncology Nurses

The name of the organisation shall be ‘The British Association of Head & Neck Oncology Nurses’, hereafter referred to as ‘BAHNON’.
Aims and Objectives
BAHNON’s aim is to provide a professional organisation focused on the speciality of head and neck oncology nursing. The organisations objectives are:
• Raise the profile of head and neck cancer nursing nationally and internationally
• Improve patient care by influencing national policy and practice
• Provide a voice and support for members
• Provide a professional network to share experience and expertise
• Promote research and developments in head and neck cancer nursing
Mission Statement
BAHNON exists as an organisation that cares about head and neck cancer nursing. We serve nurses and allied health professionals. We produce guidelines, a newsletter, a website, an internet discussion group, conferences and research and development projects. We link with other organisations associated with this speciality in order to promote interdisciplinary teamwork.
1. Full membership is open to all registered nurses, registered dental nurses and allied health professionals
2. All members must have fully paid membership fees
3. All members have the right to cancel their membership
4. BAHNON has the right to cancel membership on non-payment of fees
5. Membership extends annually starting from the first day of the preceding month on receipt of subscription
1. The committee shall be responsible for the business activities of BAHNON and shall consist of 10 members and one paid administrator
2. As long as the committee member remains active and is contributing to the functioning of BAHNON committee and the organisation their tenure will remain
3. The officers of the committee shall be; a Chairperson, Chair Elect, Meeting Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Conference Secretary, Website Manager and 3 other officers
4. The committee officers will be nominated by members
5. The Annual General Meeting will be held annually in December
6. Committee members have the right to step down
7. Committee officers nomination shall be received by the secretary no later than 10 days before the AGM
8. The committee can co-opt another member to fill a vacant committee position if no nominations are put forward
9. Nominees for the committee must have written support from their line manager to be released for 4 meetings per year (full days) and the additional work required
10. The committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members as they desire provided that the total number of co-opted members is less than the number of committee members
11. More than 3 committee members should not stand down from office at one time
12. Retiring committee members will be encouraged to have a supportive role to newly elected committee members.
13. The Chair and Chair Elect shall be selected by the committee members. The existing Chair may be re-elected for one further term only by the committee if there is no Chair elect to take over. The Chairs tenure is 2 years, followed by another year on the committee to support the new Chair as Vice-Chair. The Chair-Elect tenure is for 1 year followed by 2 years as Chair.
14. Committee officers are expected to attend all 4 meetings per year, but if they are unable to attend must forward any reports necessary for the meeting
15. If a committee member does not attend 2 consecutive meetings without apologies and forwarding reports, they will be asked to stand down, except in exceptional circumstances.
16. All committee members must actively contribute to the committee of BAHNON by attending meetings and participating in email discussions, failure to do this will result in them being asked to stand down, except in exceptional circumstances.
1. All monies received by the organisation will be accounted for
2. The financial year ends on 30th September each year
3. Cheques require a double signature
4. BAHNON may by its committee engage and make payments as may be necessary by the organisation in furtherance of its objectives
5. The financial account shall be audited annually and submitted to the members at the AGM
6. The treasurer will present a summary of accounts at each group meeting
7. Any expenditure will be discussed at committee meetings and agreed upon.
1. The committee is accountable to members of BAHNON
2. The Chairperson of the committee will prepare an annual report every year and present it at the AGM
3. The membership secretary will prepare an annual membership report every year and present it at the AGM
Honorary Life Members
Life members are members of BAHNON nominated by any full member in recognition of an exceptional contribution to head and neck cancer nursing and/or the organisation. Free life membership is conferred by a two-thirds majority vote of the committee approving the nomination.
1. The dissolution of the organisation may be effected only by a resolution passed by a three-fourths majority of members present in person (or by proxy) at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose and of which notice has been served on every member of the organisation at her/his last known address
2. In the event of the organisation being wound up, any assets remaining upon dissolution after the payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable institution or institutions having similar objectives to those of the organisation
Alteration to the Constitution
Proposed amendments cannot be adopted unless approved by a majority of the members present at the AGM

This constitution was approved by the BAHNON committee on 24th April 2002 and formally adopted as the new constitution at the AGM on 18th October 2002. It was amended and approved on 11th December 2003
Further amendments were made and approved at the AGM on 9th December 2015